About Southeastern Express

Southeastern Express Systems provides Procedural, Application Software and Hardware support for the Triad Series 12 Computer System.

We provide the equivalent services provided by Activant with the exceptions of Telepricing and Catalogue updates.

SES Support Services

  • Procedure and Application Software Support
  • Hardware Troubleshooting and Support
  • Provide replacement parts as quickly as overnight
  • SES contract prices are substantially less than Activant's contract price for the CPU hardware maintenance/support and Advice(software support)
  • We also provide hareware repairs on a Per-Incident basis
  • SES provides support and service with over 50 years Triad Field Service experience
  • Prompt 30-minute response to your service calls
  • SES saves you money by having you be the eyes and hands in troubleshooting and replacing parts with us on the phone stepping you through the process.

SES has a "customer first" attitude of concern with a prompt response time. A contract gives you peace of mind with no unexpected expenses. For those without a contract SES still offers time and materials options.

SES not only provides hardware and software support for your Series 12 computer, we also provide replacement terminals, printers, printer ribbons, and data backup tape cartridges. Think of SES for your equipment and supplies replenishment company.


For more detailed information of SES services, please call


Ask for Isdra Lake.